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Our company, which started its business in Şanlıurfa in 1995, in 2003 with the aim of increasing the service quality and adopting a corporate structure. With the branding and service awareness, it has entered into service with the registration of the PENGUEN brand, adopting customer satisfaction as a principle.

Our Mission

To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our people with the services we provide. The needs of the Turkey of the future anticipating today, necessary  to take the structures and steps without delay.

To adopt the satisfaction of its customers, employees and target audience as a basic principle.

By contributing to the economy of our country, to be a pioneer in its field, accepted as an example and accepted as a model by new entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

A respected and reliable company in the field of import and export, a valuable brand that maintains a sustainable growth trend in stability, everyone's work and unity, is to be the leading company of Turkey of the future, which it will be pleased to do.

Our History

Starting its business life as a family business in a modest workplace in 1980, Sitakçı Ticaret was engaged in buying, selling and supplying products from the domestic market, starting with textiles.

When it came to 1990, it continued on its way by making wholesale purchases and sales in the domestic market by incorporating glassware and various souvenir products.

In 1995 , It was excited to realize his first import.

By 2006, nothing would ever be the same again. It was determined to take on the role of the leading company in its sector by getting stronger with Penguen Luxury Kitchen Products in its new business life.

In 2006, it registered the name Penguen and over the years started to deliver its products to all provinces and districts of TÜRKİYE and to introduce them to the end consumer.

In 2012, Penguen Kitchen Malz. Singing. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. continues its activities.

In 2012, it became a company on the way of growth and continues its activities as Penguen Kitchen Materials Industry and Trade Limited Company.

The Penguen Family, which started trading 32 years ago with big dreams on a chair and a table, shows that it continues its determination in its goals with the following slogan at the point it has reached today:
"We will continue to grow Penguen brand in a Thermos. ."

Some of our references supporting us :

Carrefour, Özdilek, Kipa, Bim, Real, Adese, A101, Metro, Makro, Beğendik, Çetinkaya.